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Holding Employers Accountable For Wrongful Termination

In general, most employment is considered to be “at will.” In other words, you may quit your job at any time for any reason. Similarly, your employer may choose to terminate your employment at any time for any reason – or for no reason at all. However, when the termination is due to discrimination or for any reason prohibited by state and federal law, it is considered to be wrongful termination, and you are entitled to pursue financial damages from your employer.

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When Is Employment Termination Against The Law?

You may have a strong wrongful termination claim if you were terminated out of retaliation for engaging in protected activity, such as refusing to carry out an illegal request or for “blowing the whistle” on suspected illegal activity carried out by your employer. You may also have a strong claim if your termination was based on discrimination.

Most employers are not going to tell you that you are being terminated based on your race or other membership in another protected class under the law; nor will they tell you that you are being terminated as a retaliatory measure. It takes a skilled lawyer to get to the bottom of an underlying reason for your termination.

Attorney Klawitter has experience handling employment law matters in California, including, in the past, defending employers. This provides him with unique insight into how the other side is likely to approach a case and he will use his knowledge to help strengthen your claim.

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