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California Labor Laws: What You Need to Know

California labor and employment laws protect workers and their families from unscrupulous employers. Here are some important points to know about labor laws in California and why it’s important to hire Del Mar employment attorneys from Ceartas Legal if you have...

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Why Should You Hire an Attorney?

Hiring experienced Del Mar CA employment attorneys could prove beneficial for several reasons such as: – Going It Alone Could Work to An Employee’s Disadvantage It is ill-advised for a terminated employee to challenge his or her employer alone because it is “your word...

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Discrimination Cases: What You Should Do Next

We live in a progressive time, but, unfortunately, that does not mean that everyone is treated equally in the workplace. Many people still experience unfair treatment. The worst part is that most people do not know what to do about it. The first, and most important,...

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Not Paid Overtime? Why You Need an Attorney

If you’ve been treated unfairly by your employer, then there are several options at your disposal. Employers have to abide by various state and federal laws. One of those laws requires employers to pay various employees’ overtime when they’ve worked more than 40 hours...

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