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Not Paid Overtime? Why You Need an Attorney

On Behalf of | May 29, 2019 | Firm News

If you’ve been treated unfairly by your employer, then there are several options at your disposal. Employers have to abide by various state and federal laws. One of those laws requires employers to pay various employees’ overtime when they’ve worked more than 40 hours in a given week. Overtime laws suggest that employees are due time and a half for every hour in excess of 40. While this law is relatively clear, many employers will fail to abide by it, triggering the need for a lawsuit. Employment attorneys in Del Mar are there to help when you find yourself in this situation.

Which Employees Are Due Overtime?

Good employment attorneys in Del Mar can tell you that not every person in an organization is due overtime. If you are a salaried employee or if you qualify for a management title, then your employer may not have to pay overtime. While there are some benefits of being on salary, the real downside is the inability to cash in on overtime for those long hours in the office. However, if you are an hourly employee, then you get one and a half times your wage. Good lawyers can help you understand where you stand.

What Can a Lawyer Do for You?

Ceartas Legal and its attorneys help clients handle overtime disputes professionally. If you aren’t paid overtime, then you may try to challenge your employer on your own. This is dangerous because your employer may retaliate by firing you. The better option is to speak with a lawyer to come up with a specific strategy. Ceartas Legal sits down with clients, thinks up a plan for how to handle the issue, and follows through on that plan. This might mean putting in a demand letter first. It may also mean going through with litigation to get the job done.

Good lawyers will also protect you from potential retaliation. If you have a valid legal claim, then your employer cannot fire you or demote you for this. Good lawyers can protect you while also ensuring that your rights are protected