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Why Should You Hire an Attorney?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2019 | Firm News

Hiring experienced Del Mar CA employment attorneys could prove beneficial for several reasons such as:

– Going It Alone Could Work to An Employee’s Disadvantage

It is ill-advised for a terminated employee to challenge his or her employer alone because it is “your word versus theirs.”  Most employers, when informed that a lawsuit has been filed, will “circle the wagons” and begin using paycheck pressure to shape witness testimony to your disadvantage.  If you retain an attorney before you are fired your attorney can take action to preserve vital documentary and testimonial evidence and make sure it does not “disappear” when a case is filed.

– Your Former Employer Will Have Lawyers on Their Side

Most companies, agencies and organizations know how expensive and time-consuming wrongful termination lawsuits can be for the short and long-term stability of their entities. Therefore, the employer will likely retain the services of experienced employment lawyers that will help them build and reinforce their case against you.

– Lawyers Understand How to Build Winnable Cases

Wrongful termination must be proven. What that means is that you have to prove your case – your employer does not have to “prove” anything.  An experienced attorney can help you establish the facts surrounding the case, determine if your rights were violated and create the best possible case to prove so using evidence and testimony.

If you believe you have been wrongly terminated, please contact Ceartas Legal today. Our team of experienced Del Mar CA employment attorneys are here to help.